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Ladies of the Light

Connecting empowered women of purpose who aim to Educate, Elevate, and Enlighten
one another along our spiritual journey.



Ladies of the Light offers varying levels of membership engagement for wellness practitioners as well as individuals who are committed to holistic wellness and spiritual ascension.  As a member of Ladies of the Light network you can gain access to dynamic wellness practitioners, personal and professional development courses, workshops, lectures, events and sacred ceremonies. Together Ladies of the Light is here to uplift one another through shared experiences without judgement.

Ladies of the Light’s mission is to build community, provide support and act as a resource to women seeking enlightenment. We accomplish our mission through community workshops, wellness retreats and our online platform. As a private collective we seek to educate, elevate and enlighten women around the globe.


Our purpose is to bridge the gap between those who know they have the power to heal themselves and those seeking to be healed. Ladies of the Light seeks to raise awareness of the original healers and offerings of our Ancestors, while providing resources for our members and individuals holistically.

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