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Attune To The Moon

Full Moon in Virgo | Saturday, February 27, 2021

Yesterday we were under the influence of the Full Moon in Virgo. This energy applies 3 days before and 3 days after the day of the full moon. It is a time for guidance, healing and magic. Full Moons are for releasing stagnant energy and people. With the Full Moon in the sign of Virgo, we will release unhealthy habits, old routines, and that insistent voice in our mind that keeps us from relaxing. Virgo’s ruling planet is mercury which will cause us to be more attentive, focused, and more detail-oriented now, because Virgo is the zodiac's ultimate perfectionist. ... You may be holding onto secrets that lead you to criticize yourself; this Full Moon will either shed light on them or teach you how to let them go. It’s good to think about the oppositional nature of a full moon, how it compels us to live one way and feel another.

Full moons are continuous emotions pulling in different directions. It’s a negotiation between the private self and the self we inhabit in relation to others. A full moon reflects the light of the Sun and in doing so, hides her own dark shape. When the Sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Virgo, it has an effect on the wild emotional nature of the bodies of water that rule the earth... including us. The combination of Earth’s gravity and the gravitational pull of the moon creates a phenomenon called tidal force, which is what causes our ocean tides to change. This powHERful energy lives within you.....

“The mastering of emotions helps us ReAwaken to the higher self, which brings us into self mastery. Coming into alignment with all that we wish to manifest in the physical plane of consciousness” ~Divinely Sah’Rah

A full moon is intuitive and emotional but it isn’t only that. This full moon will feel supportive like a breath of fresh air. This energy will allow us to take a look at the information to allow us to make rational decisions and speak our truth. The throat chakra is assigned to the zodiac sign Virgo. This powerful chakra is associated with communication of any kind and self-expression. This leads us to ask ourselves... how are we consciously expressing ourselves in healthy ways. When activated we are creative and able to cope with difficult situations using our inspiration.

Toddler Breathwork & Setting Intention | Led by Graciela Teofield

With a full moon there is always an adjustment to be made. With a set intention the Toddler Breathwork will help you breathe easily through the energy of the full moon. This technique is great to use when you really want to manifest and release fully what no longer serves you.

Observe your breath and give thanks for the sweet gift of the breath of life. Ase!

Cleansing Energy Technique | KENYOKU | Led by Graciela Teofield

The literal meaning is dry bathing. With a set intention... it is a technique for cleansing ones energy before or after a session or anytime one feels the need to release negative energy.

Crystalology | Sodalite & Pink Opal

AśuFà S stones of choice for this full moon in Virgo energy are Sodalite and Pink Opal. Sodalite has always been a very captivating stone because if you get the right piece it looks as if you have a piece of the Earth how it looks from space. So I find it very interesting how this stone will actually assist with helping you to look at things from a better perspective. Not only is this stone associated with the throat chakra but it is also associated with the third eye as it allows you to see and discern the unseen. You will be able to know when someone is not truthful but also encourages you to seek the truth within yourself. Sodalite is also known to assist with insomnia and settle an uneasy mind. While we navigate through this Full Moon in Virgo and really start to organize our lives and put things in their proper place. It will help settle your uneasy mind through the process of knowing what to keep and what no longer serves you. And of course Pink Opal brings a sense of self love to the journey helping you to be kind to yourself through the process. Understanding that the Journey is the Destination and every lesson isn’t time wasted. It is only an opportunity to gain Wisdom 🌻 Happy Full Moon 🌻

wRITE to Heal Meditation & Journaling Prompt by Nneka Denise

The throat chakra is a powHERful force and one we should all be using to express our truth. However, sometimes it's not so easy to profess our desires, needs and wants out loud for all to hear and sometimes it can even be a challenge to say them out loud for ourself.


I want you to sit high on your sit bones and stack each of your chakras, starting with the root and then one energy source stacked on top of the other all the way to the top of your crown chakra. With shoulders relaxed and your chin comfortable...take three deep, cleansing, grounding breaths and as you inhale invision yourself at your healthiest, most confident and most whole state When you exhale, let out any worry, fear, anger, resentment and anything that does not serve you. Each breath breathe in a little deeper and exhale a little longer. Close your eyes and settle in.

After your final exhale, open up your journal and I want you to release all the worries, pains and fears that may be holding you back from taking that next step in your wellness journey; dump out those negative thoughts that may be keeping you from stepping further into the spotlight and excelling in your practice and becoming the healer, the teacher, the force you have been called to be; release anything in your heart that may be holding you back from being the loving, mothering, peaceful, joyous foundation that your family needs you to be in order to thrive.

As we move through life we collect stuff, junk and baggage and we carry it from one stop to the next along the way as we add more to it...release, let go and let be (journal for 10mins until everyone is done).

Circle of Reflection: The harshness of life can be challenging to talk about, but there's healing power in putting voice to our pains and worries. You are your experiences: the good, the bad, the ugly & the insanely beautiful. Go around & share what you wish to release and let go of today.

Then say: I am beautiful, I am whole, I am free!

Sending Love! Sending Light!

Ladies of The Light

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