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IGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN: Stepping into the 2nd Half of the Year with Passion (Newsletter)

Updated: Jul 2

The month of July is a great time of transformation, making bold statements, and tapping into that childlike spirit of joy! The summer’s sun is energizing, so pace yourself and stay hydrated as you nourish your soul on the bounty of Mother Earth.

Embrace the spirit of the Lotus flower, as water lilies are one of this month’s archetypes, symbolizing joy, purity, and rebirth: rising from the darkness, blooming in the sunlight, and closing their petals at night only to rise again in the morn.


“In the whispers of the wind and the ancient echoes of the earth, hear this truth: ‘The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine,’ as each sunrise marks a sacred ritual, a journey of intention woven into the fabric of your being. As you awaken with the dawn, embrace the rhythm of your daily rituals—they are the threads that weave the tapestry of your destiny.”

—Divinely Sah’Rah

(Founder & Creatrix of Ladies of the Light)


• July 1st: Sunrise Kriya Kundalini Yoga

A 40-day Kriya focused on the root chakra, grounding you into your being—beginning July 1st at 5:30am EST via Zoom. There is also an 8:30pm EST offering daily.

• July 3rd: Sacred Grief Circle

Safe and compassionate space to grieve and honor those who have come before us, and to find solace in collective mourning.

• Just 16th: Art as an Outlet

Combining the healing arts with artistic expression for a transformative workshop focused on the Power of Pain & Forgiveness.

• July 26-28th: New Wellness Center Grand Opening

Join us for the grand opening of the New Wellness Center, founded by Graciela Teofield (Mama G). This is also the physical home of LOL and where three of the Founding Mothers: Divinely Sah’Rah, Graciela Teofield & Nneka Denise operate their personal wellness practices, alongside fellow practitioners Miranda Lattimore & Jenelle Woodlief in Downtown Portland.


GET READY—Ladies of the Light Membership Tiers will be releasing soon and we’ll let you know all the details and when registration opens!

TAKE FLIGHT—The new initiates are moving through their Rites of Passage and we’re busy planning the final details of the Annual LOL Oregon Retreat & Crowning Ceremony, scheduled for August.

LET’S SOAR—We’re also working with Rising Phoenix and planning a Sacred Waters Retreat for March 2025 in Florida. Stay tuned for more details.


En lieu of a “Spotlight” this month, I thought it only appropriate to introduce myself…

Hello Everyone!

I’m Nneka Denise—a certified LOL Practitioner and one of the Founding Mothers. In addition, I’m an End-of-Life Doula and trauma-informed Master Life & Mindset Coach, who focuses on Sacred Grief, Business Wellness, and Emotional Freedom. As the founder of the wRITE to Heal Project, I utilize transformative prompts, somatic practices, and intuitive guidance to facilitate a deep healing within individuals, groups, and communities. I believe grief occurs at every stage throughout a life worth living; our job is to learn to dance with the ebb and flow of it all. It’s a pleasure and an honor to here with you!


Water is the element that represents the month of July; how do you plan to tap into its restorative energy throughout this month?

Post your answer in the comments below to further the conversation and let’s build community, together!


July marks an invitation to leap into the second half of this calendar year with joy. So, be bold and enjoy the journey while listening to the messages in the wind and set your intentions daily as Sistar Sah’Rah advises, and prepare to embark on a beautiful rebirth throughout this and the next six months of 2024. Be well and let your light shine bright.

Ladies of the Light| The Way Showers—Shining the light in times of darkness, lighting the way for others to see…

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Nneka Denise
Nneka Denise
02 ביולי


Water is the element that represents the month of July; how do you plan to tap into its restorative energy throughout this month?

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